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I’m Always Working On Something Fun!

Everything from a children’s book, photography & personal illustrations – there’s never enough time to do all the things I want.

Some Things About Fairies! A Children’s Book.

It was two years in the making, this little children’s book. It is full of interesting illustrations and fairy “facts”. Self-published and sold at trade shows and fairs. However, since I’m hearing impaired – I soon learned interaction with children is difficult. They all wanted to whisper fairy secrets to me, but I couldn’t hear! It was a wonderful experience. I made all my money back – plus some, and it has led to more illustration work. Book is available at Dilly Dally Kids Store, 1161 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC or purchase on-line.

  • Written & Illustrated By Monique Kalmokoff-Woolacott.
  • Self-published.
  • Only $7.99, plus shipping & handling.
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52 Mexican Lottery Cards!

I’ve just started an amazing project illustrating with pen & ink, then digitally colourizing 52 Mexican Lottery cards. I’ve done 6 so far, only 46 more to go!

Low Budget Mexican Coffee Shop Brand

  • Logo Design (3 versions that all work together)
  • Main store logo for windows and awning.
  • Coffee bag logo – different colours for different varieties!
  • Coffee coasters for customers to take away.
  • Mugs and product packaging.
  • More photos to come: menus, product tags and food labels.

Illustration Skills Ranging From Realism To Fantasy!

When I want realism, I choose to  take a photograph. Otherwise, I prefer to draw from my head or loosely from photos, making up the shapes and colours that feel right in the moment. As for the pen and ink – its all there, the mistakes and the successes – no erasers allowed! Visit my blog where I’ll soon be posting new artwork, adventures from Mexico and more!

Below: Blind contour drawing finished in pen & ink / digital illustration for natural health book cover (Natural Factors Vitamins).